Nesa Aviation produces high quality and competitive solutions in accordance with the requirements with the products it produces in the field of high pressure flow systems working with high purity gases.

High Purity Dry Air Generation System (Conforming to DEF/STAN 58-96)

High Pressure Compressors (760 Bar)

– Portable High Pressure Argon and Dry Air Compressor Conforming to DEF/STAN 58-96
– High Pressure Compressor for Oxygen and Nitrogen Gas (MIL-STD-1330)

High Pressure Gas Storage Systems (1000 bar)

High Pressure Control Systems

-Solenoid Valve
-Check Valve
-Regulator (Electronic and Mechanical)
-Safety Valve
-Needle Valve
-Manual Valve
-Burst Disc
-Flexible Gas Lines