In order to overcome difficulties and produce solutions, it is necessary to use the right resources. With our long experience and knowledge in the industry, we have the engineering expertise to develop innovative systems for demanding operating requirements on different platforms. We produce solutions with cost-effective, high quality and competitive designs with the advanced engineering approach of our expert team.

Integration and Testing

Our integration processes ensure the best implementation of assembly and testing procedures to produce high quality and high quality systems on time. Our ability to design and develop customized test equipment to meet demanding requirements in harsh environments enables us to provide high quality solutions to our customers. Most of the components/systems manufactured by Nesa Aviation are critical products that require 100% final acceptance testing. In order to perform these tests, processes are carried out with high quality and customized test systems according to the component/system.


We bring together different production methods with advanced technological production infrastructure. We produce the “difficult thing” with our own and expert suppliers. With the lean production principle and our expert team, we are able to offer high quality at competitive prices.