Nesa Aviation and Engineering Inc. carries out studies on the development, design and production of products and systems used in the fields of Defense and aviation. With our experienced R&D department; We offer advanced solutions in DEF/STAN 58-96 and MIL-STD-1330 standards for strategic and specialized components in the field of aviation such as missile systems, air defense systems and combat aircraft support units. Our company, which is known for its competence in the design and production of high-tech products, continues to work with great devotion for the upgradation of unique and high-end components in the aviation sector. In addition to having a strong production infrastructure, Nesa Aviation, which guarantees the quality of the products it offers, carries out its works in accordance with AS 9100 Quality Management System.

Thanks to our expert design team, which dominates international standards, keeps tabs on technological developments and has the ability to see solutions with a much wider perspective, we are ahead of other companies in the sector. In addition to our ready-made products for the Defence and aerospace sectors in pneumatic systems, we also offer solutions such as customised regulators, valves, filters, compressors, gas tanks, flexible and solid gas lines.

Our company carries out studies that meet the demands and needs of its customers in high-tech projects. The expertise in DEF/STAN 58-96 standards in high pressure flow equipment is one of the most important features that make our company unique. . Nesa Havacılık ve Mühendislik A.Ş., which has an R&D department equipped to meet the high technology demands of the modern world, continues to provide services to many national and international companies in the Defence and aviation sectors in a customer-oriented way with after-sales services and maintenance units.